24 APRIL 2023


25 APRIL 2023

Online Abstract Submission Rules
• Abstracts can be submitted online as “oral” or “poster”. Abstracts sent by postal service, fax, e-mail etc. will not be taken into consideration.
• Participants who will send abstracts from abroad should only submit an English abstract.
• The presentation preference (oral or poster) of the authors should be specified when submitting the paper.
• At least one of the authors of the abstracts should be registered to the congress in order that the abstracts included in the electronic congress book/CD.
• Since the congress registrations are made for a person, it does not include the other authers of the submitted abstract.
• The name and surname and institution of the authors of the paper must be clearly stated in the relevant section.
• Academic titles must not be utilized with names. Author names should be entered in the system with only the first letter capitalized (Example: Deniz Can)
• Abstract’s author who wants to be nominated for oral presentation awards should tick "Yes" when uploading their papers to the system.
• Reserved section for the abstracts in the system is limited to a maximum of 350 words. The system will not allow you to write more than 350 words in the section.
• Only the first letters of the words in the text title should be capitalized. Abbreviations should not be used in the title. (Sample title: Design of Recreation Areas)
• Abstracts should include Introduction and Purpose, Method, Results, and Conclusion sections.
• During the submission of the abstract, it should be stated which of the sub-topics the study belongs to.
• Standard abbreviations are accepted. The first occurrence of the word is given in parentheses and the abbreviation is used throughout the text.
• Since the abstracts sent via the online abstract module will be turned into a digital book in the same way, attention should be paid by the authors for any errors. The authors are responsible for all errors.
• After sending your abstract, please make sure that the notification you sent is available in the "sent texts" tab of the online notification system and the process is completed.

Oral Abstract Presentation Rules
• Presentations will be made in Turkish or English, according to the authors' preference.
• The duration of oral presentations must not exceed 12 minutes. (10 minutes presentation, 2 minutes discussion).
• Presentations must be checked before the presentation time.

Poster Presentation Rules
• Posters should be prepared 70x100 cm vertically.
• Institutional and contact information of all authors should be included in poster papers
• Authors are required to be present at the beginning of the poster papers on the day, time and place specified for the poster paper presentation.

Evaluation Abstracts
The evaluation of the submitted abstracts will be made by the referees to be signed for the relevant sub-categories, keeping the names/surnames and institutions of the researchers confidential in the online environment, and the results of the papers will be reported by the referees. As a result of the evaluation, a final letter will be sent to all the paper holders for their oral or poster presentation acceptance. In order for the papers to be included in the congress electronic book, at least one of the researchers must have completed the congress registration process.